• Developer: Scarecrow Arts, Based Around the World

  • Founded: May 2015

  • Title: "The Story Goes On"

  • Release Date: September 2017

  • Website: scarecrowarts.com

The Story Goes On is a game developed by a close-knit group of friends known as Scarecrow Arts. Scarecrow Arts began as a freelance motion graphics company but later evolved into a full blown games company when the founder Malcolm Smith decided to embrace his passion for video games and create one himself. Unfortunately, he was not very great. At least, not on his own. So he recruited the not so local talent Anton Bergåker to take over the game’s programming. Shortly after, an old friend of Malcolm’s named Brandy started to show interest in the project. Starting with just a few sprites and ideas, his contributions grew more and more. He later went to fully join the team. After only 2 years of further development, the game is finally(hopefully) done. Moving on the group will begin developing their first game together from the ground up.